Lots of website visitors but no real impact on sales? Lot of Facebook fans but no one seems to buy? If this sounds familiar, we can help make the changes you need to generate business from your online activity.

Most businesses find that website visitors and social media followers don’t convert into paying customers. We’ll look at your website and develop a strong user journey that leads visitors to purchase or make an enquiry. We’ll also create content marketing and PPC campaigns that moves prospects into these journeys.

Lead website visitors along a journey to become customers

Most websites fail to clearly tell visitors where to go next. That’s because most websites are designed without clear goals in mind. That leads to visitors who leave your site after just one or two pages.

We use detailed performance data (from Google Analytics) and our experience of “conversion optimisation” to identify any problems with your website and how to fix them.

We map out customer journeys for each of your target audiences and products/services. We will write compelling narratives for you to lead your customers to where you want them to go. We use strong and clear “calls-to-action” so that your website visitors find it easy to move onto the next page, make a purchase or get in touch.

Social media and PPC campaigns

Our online marketing campaigns push prospects into your sales funnel. When appropriate, we can move them quickly towards buying your wears. Other businesses and campaigns may be better suited to capturing customer data and then following up by phone or email.

We can also use Facebook’s LeadAds campaign tools to capture prospect contact info without them leaving Facebook or, sometimes, even having to type anything.

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