Repeat business is the easiest business to get – but often the most neglected. From helping you to set up a customer database to social media and email campaigns that keep customers up-to-date to helping you put together tempting special offers – we can can help you out.

Existing customers already know who you are and they already have experience of your products/services. You should also know who they are and be able to target offers especially to them.

Customer database

The more information you have about your customers and their buying history, the easier it is for you to get repeat sales. But so often, businesses fail to collect the data they need.

We can setup customer databases and integrate them with your enquiry forms and sales tools to allow you to make those follow-up sales later on. We can also profile your customers to help you better target new customers.

Social media and email marketing campaigns

Once you know who your customers are and how to get in touch with them, we can put together effective and measurable marketing campaigns.

Email marketing is a low cost and effective way to share promotions with past customers. We can record who opens the emails and who clicks through to find out more.

We can also use your customer and purchase information to push tailored promotions to them through social media.

Special offers for your customers

When looking to make further sales to existing customers, it’s important to make the right offer. By looking at buying patterns and your own profit margins, we can put together the right deal that is enough to excite your customers but also give you a good profit.

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