Photography is a great way to showcase products on a website or a brochure/menu. Well-shot photos can attract the attention of potential customers and encourage them to purchase or enquire about your products or services.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is perfect for staff profiles and social media accounts. Depending on your needs, the focus will be on the face, although the entire body or context can be included where appropriate. When paired with green screen production, backgrounds can be edited into the photo to create the perfect setting for almost any occasion.

Product photography

Product photography is used to give viewers an accurate but attractive visual representation of a product/products that provides a glimpse of what kind of quality product the customer will be expecting. This is ideal for restaurants and stores wanting to share the experience of what they have on offer.

360 degree product photography

With the trend of online shopping growing day-by-day, shoppers need to get that feeling like they are shopping in-person while online.

We can produce high quality, interactive images with zoom, spin and colour options that emulate the touch-and-feel experience of shopping in-store while online. Research shows that this form of photography can lead to higher conversion rates and reduces returns for luxury products.

This service is ideal for showcasing food, jewellery, electronics and other small products.