On average, it takes seven interactions with a brand to generate a sale. Those interactions may come from websites, emails, flyers, print ads, radio, etc, so it is important that those activities all feel the same and push the same message. When running targeted campaigns, this goes further than making sure your brand is strong and consistent – this requires all activities to be planned as one campaign regardless of the media used to deliver them. You need campaign management to make this flow smoothly.

Convergence marketing

Your campaigns should converge around one or two simple goals – pushing prospects to your website to make a purchase or driving them towards making contact with you. We have experience in working with large multi-channel campaigns and making sure they all push in the same direction with consistent, coherent messaging.

Trackable – which parts work?

Whether the promotion is online or offline, whether the contact is by email, post or phone, everything is trackable. We can set up the tracking systems so you know which parts of your campaigns are performing and which need to be reconsidered. This way, you know how to be more efficient and spend your budget more wisely.

campaign management