Your brand is more than just a logo. It’s more than just a colour or the font you use. Your brand is the intangible, the added value – it’s a combination or the emotional and irrational response that contact with your business creates in your customers and prospects.

3D Marketing Solutions can help you grow your brand.

Creating the intangible

The hardest part of any brand building is constructing a brand that evokes feeling and something more in those who encounter it. We can sit down with you and try to get to the root of what your business is rather than just what it does. We will help you define the essence, the “corporate DNA” inside your company and then work with you to make that a part of what people experience every time they meet you or your colleagues, every time they visit your website or social media, and every time they receive your print materials.

Aside from the obvious visual elements, we can help you develop your tone of voice so the way you use language in print, online and in person communicates your brand.

Visual identity

Of course, we can also help you with your logo, font choices and colour pallet and how you use them in your materials – both online and offline. In particular, we can help you with social media channels where you have limited control over the general appearance and layout.