Sometimes, it pays to be direct and it doesn’t get much more direct than picking up the phone and calling your prospects in person. But let’s face it, most people don’t enjoy making such calls and even fewer are good at generating business from them. At 3D Marketing Solutions, we have experienced telesales staff who can take care of that for you.


B2C or B2B telesales

Whether you’re looking to call staff at another company or prospective customers in the public, our expertise can help you. Maybe you don’t have the time to call prospects yourself to filter the wheat from the chaff? Let us take care of that for you. Depending on the job at hand, we can work on an hourly, cost-per-contact or cost-per-lead basis – whatever suits you.

Finding the right prospects

Maybe you don’t have names and phone numbers to contact yet? If you know the businesses you want to target, we can look them up for you. Perhaps you don’t have any contact info? Use our data services to find prospects and we’ll do the rest to get them into your sales pipeline.