With the rise of email marketing, the number of good quality postal direct mail campaigns is declining. That could be a good thing for you to take advantage of. Now, aside from a hand delivered fast food menu or a professionally produced and mailed credit card offer, there’s very little competition on people’s doormats for your mail pack.

Creative, data sourcing, production and postage

Postal direct mailWe can take care of the full service for you. We can work with you to design and produce a direct mail pack that will stand out and entice prospective customers to your services/products.

We can undertake customer profiling and work with data warehouses and data cleansing systems to come up with a mailing list that will work for you – wasting as little money as possible by only targeting serious prospects.

We can then get your packs printed and posted and help you deal with responses and analyse performance of the campaigns – we’ll even make sure that online engagement is tracked and accountable.