Your website is a 24/7, 365 days-a-year shop window promoting your services/products to anyone who finds it. For many businesses, it is their only shop window. For all businesses, it has to sell your wares and your brand. We can help you with website design.

Content management systems

Website design

We use WordPress to manage our customers’ websites. It’s a powerful open source content management system (CMS) with a great deal of add-ons and visual themes available.

This means that we can deliver a website that you can maintain yourself (if you wish to) with the functionality you need but on a tight budget.

We keep the costs down by making the most of free and low-cost add-ons that the open source community have already developed and tested leaving us to focus on what matters: getting your website live and with a clean user experience and a focused customer journey.

User experience

There is more to good website design than just looking the part. With experience of optimising 10,000+ page websites as well as those with fewer than 10 pages of content, we can help make sure that your site feels right to visitors and helps them get find what they need and pay for your products/services. Even if you don’t get us to make a new site for you, we can help optimise your existing website.

Mobile- and touch-friendly web design

Mobile webYour website has more visitors on mobile and tablet devices now than it did this time last year. We don’t need to look at your website analytics to tell you that – it’s true for everyone.

But if your website hasn’t been designed with mobile and touch in mind, when we do look at your analytics we might find that visitors from these devices don’t hang around as long as they should do.

We use an approach called “platform agnostic responsive design” – in plain English, that means that we don’t care whether your visitor is using an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy, a desktop PC, an iPad, or any one of the thousands of other devices out there: our websites will work well regardless of the device your customer uses to access it.