With the immense popularity of YouTube, this search engine for videos is a great place to promote and post content about your business.


Interacting with users and learning about your audience

The YouTube rating system is a great tool to monitor how many users have viewed your content and whether they like or disliked your content. Combined with user comments, you will be able to acknowledge where your content needs improving and you can improve your content.

With a “Call to Action” you can encourage users to visit your website by asking them in your video to check out the description section under the video or ask their opinion on the topic you were talking about in the video.

YouTube has its own analytics system to track down where your audience are coming from and give a percentage of users watching your content from start to finish.

Increase search performance

“+Tags” can be added in your content’s description to increase search engine optimisation (SEO) of your content and using statistics from the Google Adwords Keyword tool, you will be able to evaluate the usefulness of each keyword/+Tag.

In fact, it is believed that YouTube videos with proper data (e.g. tags, title and description) will be more easily found than just a normal blog post. Your video listing will also appear with a thumbnail in Google Search which is very eye catching for people searching through their search results.

Embedding and sharing content

YouTube videos can be embedded onto your website with ease. You can use videos to make your pages more interactive and engaging with your audience.

You can also share your videos on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase the visibility of your content and your business.