The question-and-answer nature of Quora makes it a great platform to demonstrate your business expertise by answering professional questions on behalf of your company.

Increasing visibility of your business


By using your knowledge to answer questions asked by users that need help in your area of expertise, you increase the visibility of your company and as an individual.

Establishing an expert presence

By answering questions, you let users know more about you and your expertise. Establishing your expert image on Quora allows more users to approach you and build relationships that may turn into business for your company.

Building relationships

Your business can gain an edge over other competitors who don’t interact with their customers and prospects. The reason to interact with customers is to build relationships that may bring in business for your company. The more assistance you offer and the more your are seen to be knowledgable, the more likely it is that prospects will want to use your services.

Sharing your Q&As on other social media platforms

Quora provides an option to share questions that you have answered or questions you have asked onto other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is great option to allow your business to gain more exposure.