LinkedIn is about building relationships with possible partners and business customers. It’s a great platform to get found online and connect to other professionals.

LinkedIn personal and company profiles

LinkedInLinkedIn allows you to create a personal profiles as well as a profile for your business.

Your personal profile is essential to direct customers to know what your role in your business is and your company profile allows you to share information and updates about the services and products your company offers.

Blog publisher

The blog publisher is a function that enables you to post blog posts about certain issues or current events. The topics blog posts should have a correlation to your business to raise awareness and increase exposure for your company’s services.

A “call to action” should be included in the blog posts, should readers have an interest in your services or wants more information concerning your blog post.

Your connections will be notified whenever you publish content this way.

Establish expertise through profile

LinkedIn provides you with a profile for you to share who you are and what you do along with your key skills. When complete with a compelling headline and a professional profile picture, you can be found and connect with potential customers and partners.

Similar to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you are able to share content onto your profile with “likes” and comments as feedback. You can also take it further by engaging in discussion groups.

Community discussion groups

You can join communities that share your interest or own the same type of business as yourself. By connecting with users in those groups, you can share and discuss topics that builds relationships. Well-built relationships may turn into opportunities of business for your company, some may even be long-term business clients.