Google+ increases the “findability” of a business through Google searched, making it a superb way to help your business get exposed.Google+

Increase visibility

Google Search often ranks businesses with Google+ accounts higher than the ones without due to linked content and personal connections. This increases search engine optimisation (SEO) for your company. Customers that need your business’s expertise or an expert near their location will be more likely to find you when searching on Google.

Google My Business

Google My Business includes business contact details, working hours and a link to your website along with your business logo and location. This information is displayed whenever your business is searched for on Google Search, Google Maps or Google+. This further increases your exposure and helps customers locate your physical premises.

Content posting and sharing

Google+ provides a segmentation of your audience with circles and communities for your business to share and post content to your audiences. It offers the ability to create polls, share and “+1” (like) to see how your audience likes your content. #hashtags are also used in Google+ to explore trends that you maybe able to create content around to attract potential customers.