With more users than any other social media platform, Facebook is a great place to post and share content for your business.

Content posting and sharing

FacebookWell-thought content like infographics and images are posted to attract customers. Content like these are essential for letting customers and prospects know why they need your product/service. With the sharing ability on social media platforms, you will be able to reach out to them a lot easier.

Facebook business profile page

A Facebook business page can be created to represent your brand. If set up correctly, this page can be an essential front end to your business, working in tandem with, or even in place of, a good website.

You can include your business contact details, opening hours and even directly link into any online shop you may have. Facebook business pages often rank well in Google and Bing searches and can be found through Facebook’s own internal search.

Scheduling and monitoring

Content can be scheduled in advanced to build campaigns – either on Facebook alone or tying in with your other social media channels.

Feedback can be monitored to plan what can be improved and what other types of audience might be interested in you.

Boosted posts: reaching wider audiences

It takes time to grow a Facebook community. Until you do, posting messages to your page may not be very effective on its own.

Fortunately, Facebook offers a number of advertising options including “Boosted Posts”. This feature allows you to specify an audience and pay to have your posts put in front of them – whether they already follow you or not.

Facebook’s advertising features allow you to target beyond the basic geo-demographic information of Google AdWords right down to recent activities and upcoming events, marital and parental status, and much more for as little as £1 per 1,000 views.