Our team includes experts in the legal aspects of your online activity. This includes how the EU Cookie Directive, Data Protection Act (DPA) and the Equality Act can affect you. We can help make sure that your website and online activities don’t fall foul of these regulations.

EU Cookie Directive

Almost all business websites today use cookies. If you use Google Analytics on your website, it uses cookies. If your site runs on WordPress, it uses cookies. And if your website uses cookies, EU law requires you to tell your visitors.

We can make your site compliant with these rules so you have one less thing to worry about.

Data Protection Act 2003 (DPA)

If you’re collecting data about your customers, even with something as simple as a “contact us” form, you may be subject to data protection legislation. If you send emails to prospects or existing customers then the DPA definitely applies to you.

We can make sure that your website and your emails meet DPA requirements.

Equality Act 2010

Some visitors to your website may have disabilities such as visual impairment, colour-blindness or reduced motor function. Did you know that if they have difficulties using your website, they could sue you?

We are experts in optimising websites to work for disabled users.

What’s more, Google and other search engines “read” websites in the same way that web browsers for the blind do – so optimising your site for blind visitors means optimising for Google – not a bad bonus.