Do you have a shop? Do you rely on people walking into your store during opening hours in order to make sales?

An ecommerce website allows you to sell your goods any time of day or night, seven days a week, 365 days a year. It also opens you up to a national or even global audience freeing you from the restrictions of footfall.

Manage your own online shop

Ecommerce - run your own online shopWe use WordPress and Woocommerce to build your online store. We set up the nasty “back-end” stuff and train you on how to update products and inventory as well as how to take and process online orders.

This system gives you a very simple and straight forward way to manage your shop and allows you to run your store without needing to get us involved to make changes – something that would lead to unnecessary delays and costs.

Product SEO

We can help you write product descriptions that will boost your search engine visibility. Every product you add is a new page on your website and a new opportunity to seed Google with content and keywords. We can help you leverage this without harming the readability of pages or getting in the way of purchases.