These days, everyone is (or could be) a publisher. We are surrounded by advertising, most of which we have no interest in, and it all tends to become marketing white noise around us. To get through to your customers, you now have to give them things they want for free – and sharing thoughts and insight through content marketing (blogs, videos, FAQs, downloadable whitepapers, etc) is a great way to do that. It will even help with your search ranking.

Social media and email marketing

In recent years, everyone has been raving about social media. That’s great but all social media is is a distribution and communication channel. Without content to share through it, why should anyone be interested in following you? Content can also be shared through email newsletters to both existing customers and prospects as a way of demonstrating what your business is all about and why they should come to you.

SEO – Google, Bing, Yahoo! and co

Search engines like new content. Even more, they like websites that have lots of links from social media and other people’s sites. What better way to grow those links than to provide interesting, useful and engaging content regularly and let others share it and link back to it on your site. With content marketing, we can help you do that.

Content marketing