Knowing who you customers are makes it easier to tailor your advertising and promotional materials, including your website, to them. Customer profiling opens up opportunities to find new prospects who are similar to your existing customers and contact them directly through post or email.

Your existing customers

If you don’t keep information about your customers, we can help you set up CRM (customer relationship management) tools so you can in future. We can also help you put in place data capture methods (such as e-newsletter sign ups) to find out more about your customers to help you better target prospects in future.

If you already record details of your customers, we can help you analyse them to spot any trends and similarities between them. Our team has a history of working with companies like Experian to create profiles of what your customers are like so you can improve the way you appear to them.

Your future customers

And once we know the common features of your customers, we can look for more people or businesses who match their profile and put you in front of them using post or email. If we can’t find any trends, either because you don’t have much customer data or because your audience are an eclectic bunch, we also work with providers of “responsive lists” who can give us customer lists who are known to be open to cold mailing.

Customer profiling