Every time you invest time or money into a campaign, be it PPC, print advertising, guest blogging, billboards or something else, it’s important to know how it performs. With campaign tracking, data gathered from this will help you know which approaches work, which don’t and which need tweaking.

Online campaign tracking

Whether it’s a PPC ad, a blog article or a social media post, you can tag your activities so that website traffic generated from them can be monitored right through to conversions on your site. This can help you deliver more content that works for social media and only spend money on keywords that deliver in pay-per-click advertising.

Track print ads and other offline media

Campaign tracking with QR CodesBy using “short URLs” and/or QR-codes with hidden tracking tags, we can help you see what is working in your offline activities too – from links in magazine ads to QR codes on exhibition stands, we can help set up tracking and monitor performance.