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The risks of pre-scheduled social media posts

Have you got that Friday feeling? An innocent enough question but one that left clothing retailer Dorothy Perkins facing insults and sarcasm today.

'Who has that Friday feeling?' - the controversial tweet from Dorothy Perkins
The offending tweet

This tweet came on the morning of Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The result seeing the pound and UK stock markets crash and the re-opening of the door for Scottish independence.


And many more:

So should I automate social media?

Yes and no.

It is very much worthwhile scheduling social media content but you can’t just leave it to run and run without monitoring. Things change and you need to be ready to pull scheduled messages if they become inappropriate. You also need to look at the calendar and use some common sense when picking what to say and when to say it.

Scheduled social media marketing with us

We take into account annual events and current affairs when scheduling content. We keep an eye on what’s happening in the real world and do not hesitate to pull or amend content according to events.

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