From online and print ads to email and postal campaigns to SEO, web design and social media – we can help get your brand out there and in front of potential new customers – both online and off.

One of the biggest marketing challenges facing businesses is increasing visibility and awareness of your company. We look at who your company is, what you offer and who your customers are to determine the best ways to get you in front of your target audience.

Reach the top of the rankings on Google (and other search engines)

We have a track record of optimising existing websites to rank highly on Google (SEO) and other key search engines. We can also build new, modern and mobile-friendly websites that perform well in search. We understand that there’s no such thing as “number 1 in Google” (and anyone who tells you otherwise is at best misinformed and at worst lying) and we use that to your advantage to get you more visitors who might become real customers.

Search goes beyond your basic Google listings. We can get you on Google Maps and featured Google Business listings that stand out from the crowd with your logo, contact details and map listing. YouTube videos are also an excellent way to stand out on searches and we can help you produce video content to make that happen.

Unlike most agencies, we can also replicate these results on Bing and Yahoo. We’ll get your website ranking well for key search terms in these search engines as well as getting you listed in Bing Maps.

If you need to get results quickly, you need to look at pay-per-click advertising (PPC). As Google Partners, we put together cost-effective PPC campaigns that get you noticed. From standard text listings in Google search to graphical banners across the web via Google’s Display Network (GDN).

Other options include putting you straight into prospects’ Gmail inboxes on onto YouTube videos via Google’s ad platform. We can also make sure that visitors to your site keep seeing you via ad banners using “retargeted marketing”. We can get most businesses an excellent deal as well by advertising through Bing.

Make social media work for your business

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more – social media is an excellent way of promoting your business.

Putting together a content marketing campaign will push blogs, videos and micro-content (like tips and advice) to your target audience who may even share it with their friends and family.

We can also manage your day-to-day social media accounts to keep your customers happy and keep up-to-date with breaking trends.

If you want even more penetration, we are experienced in Facebook PPC campaigns and their new LeadAds campaigns. We’ll put together effective campaigns that drive visitors to your accounts or your website.

Use powerful advertising in magazines, billboards and more

Print ads in magazines, directories and on flyers, posters and billboards are still a great way to get your business seen.

Anything from a quarter page insert to a multipage advertorial piece, we can design and produce a winning ad for your business. We will liaise directly with the publication and produce artwork in the format that they need to ensure a hassle free and professional ad placement.

We can design anything from a single-sided A5 flyer right up to a roadside billboard to help promote your business. We will work directly with the printers and services to take the hassle away from this process.

We can use unique trackable web addresses in your promotions to see just how many people are finding out more online after seeing your print ad. We can also overlay the release dates of printed materials onto your website and social media data to see if it had any impact on your traffic.

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