Convergence networking

Convergence networking: when social media meets face-to-face

This past decade there has been one buzz term to rule them all: social networking.

But before people started relying on Facebook and LinkedIn to meet others, we would gather in rooms and “network” with people face-to-face… and guess what? We still do!

And the two needn’t be mutually exclusive – they actually work very well together.


Convergence networkingLast week, I attended a few networking sessions, spoke to easily 100 people and walked away with 32 business cards and vague memories of who did what and what opportunities I have to work with them.

To help get the relationship moving, after each networking session, I used the info on their business cards to find them on LinkedIn.

Over two-thirds of the people I searched for had LinkedIn profiles. Of the 32 business cards I had, within 2 days, I had 21 new LinkedIn contacts.

So why bother with LinkedIn?

Why not just phone or email straight away?

A few reasons:

  1. LinkedIn profiles include photos. These might help jog your memory about the conversation. Likewise, your photo might remind them.
  2. You now appear in their LinkedIn feed. Even if now is not the right time to do business with them, maybe some day an update from you on LinkedIn might reignite the business potential.
  3. You get access to their “CV”. A well-made LinkedIn profile is a pretty good CV (probably even better than a CV). This will give you a better idea of what kind of person you are dealing with and what they might need. It can also be a good conversation primer if you spot shared workplaces or colleagues.

Better networking

As you can see, using the tools available to you can set you up for good results. Just like “convergence marketing“, using all the tools in your box to push towards a goal makes “convergence networking” an absolute no-brainer for your next networking session!

If you would like advice on how best to make social media work with your networking style, contact us now.